Winning Sales Strategies

Have you just landed a new position as a junior Account Executive or Senior Vice President of Sales? In every profession, those who continue to learn and hone their skills are the ones that rise to the top. If you’ve just been given a new sales goal, follow these strategies from the top sales professionals to close the deal on your next account.


The process from identifying a prospect to converting that prospect into a long term client can differ from industry to industry and from company to company. Some products and services can be sold and closed in one sales call, and others require extensive research and complex proposals involving many parties. Before setting the making your first call or setting an appointment with a prospect, it’s imperative that you know your product offerings in depth. Larger companies offer product training to new sales representatives. Take advantage of this. Remember, your goal is to ask probing questions and listen to your prospect and the challenges they have with their company. Your job is to provide, and sell, solutions. Without understanding the needs of your prospect, you’ll never be able to offer a viable solution. You’ll also be less likely to gain the trust of the decision maker.

Successful sales people build relationships and offers solutions to challenges. More important, they follow through with promises and maintain very high ethics. Be fully prepared and put your best foot forward when meeting with a prospective client. The most important thing to wear is a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a classic suit from Barneys. Leave the bling and loud patterns for the weekend and dress to impress. Take the time to learn about your prospect and their company. This could be as simple as studying their website. Once you have been given the opportunity to submit a proposal to gain their business, practice your presentation with a coworker. Be receptive to positive criticism. Presentation style can be as important as presentation substance. Best of luck to you in meeting your sale objectives!

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